Rumor Mill: Steven Jackson courting Chicago, investing in Southwest Airlines

Alright, I have some explaining to do.

First, I have no evidence whatsoever that Steven Jackson is considering dropping the Rams for the Bears, or investing any more than the price of two seats (one for him, and one for his enormous man-arms) in Southwest Airlines. All I know is that I saw him, as well as Luke Harangody (ironically famous for his not so muscular baby fat-arms) at Chicago’s Midway Airport during our travels to and from an innovation in technology workshop with a leading consulting firm this past week. I participated in this workshop along with 13 other members of the Anheuser-Busch InBev Global Management Training Program (GMTP) in the North American Zone.

Second, the URL of this blog is a futile attempt at wit and word association, and should be pronounced as blogger (blä g r) referencing the “type of beer that is brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast at lower temperatures and for longer durations than those typically used to brew ales” (according to Wikipedia). More specifically think of the “Great American Lager”, “The King of Beers”, Budweiser.

Third, the title of this blog “Beer Me a Beer” is a reference to the evolving reference of “beering” something, which has through a natural process of etymological evolution come to mean “to pass or give an object” (according to no one in particular). Popular uses of the new homonym include “Beer me that Natty”, “You didn’t beer me any beers tonight, yet beered yourself far too often, so beer me the keys to the car so I can soberly drive you home”, or “I am still wondering why AB InBev beered me this job”. Feel free to use this word or phrase in your everyday life.

Finally, the purpose of this blog… As I mentioned before, I just started work at AB InBev as a member of the 2010 GMTP. I graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania this past May, and after thoroughly enjoying my senior year, was lucky to have landed my dream job working for the biggest and best beer company in the world. I moved to St. Louis to begin the training process and it’s been non-stop since day one. The program includes 5 weeks here at the North American HQ along with the other North American Zone trainees (14 total), a week of which with the 130 or so international trainees from other geographical zone. Then we all ship off to regional offices in different cities for field training. The active locations include Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and Denver (where I’ll be positioned), where we will spend about four months training, two of which at a brewery and two at a regional distributor. After that we reunite for another few weeks in St. Louis with the Canadian trainees, followed by another four months at yet another field location (brewery or regional distributor) before we are placed in our first real position.

As part of our training, we have been challenged to publish a blog of our experiences in the program (better than calling mom and dad every week). So I’ll be updating this blog occasionally with anything I deem applicable or interesting, which as you’ve probably witnessed might stray a bit from just the beer. This entire process seems a bit daunting from this vantage point, but I look forward to chronicling this experience for anyone who wants to know what goes through the mind of a kid in the beer business.

This first week has been incredibly exciting and informative. I’ve learned as much from living and working with this group of peers than from the classes and meetings we’ve been attending all week. I can’t wait to see how we all progress as a group and as individuals moving forward through this program, and into our careers.

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20 Responses to Rumor Mill: Steven Jackson courting Chicago, investing in Southwest Airlines

  1. MBACookie says:

    FANTASTIC! Love it, made me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work!

  2. David Almeida says:

    Upenn then Anheuser-Busch InBev…..I can guarantee you that you are on the right track…rsrsrsr! Good luck, man. Sell some beer and be sure to have some fun in the process. David

  3. Jim Sullivan says:

    J.D. Congrats on your new position…St Louis is a great town but if you happen to come upon any one from the ND class of 1980 named Doug stay far far away.

    One of your father’s roommates from ND
    Jim Sullivan

  4. Tom DeSiato says:

    Damn son, you have the job a bunch of us have dreamed about for years – Cogratulations. We will have to live vicariously through your experiences. Don’t dissappoint us.

    Beer me the next shot Lou.
    Tom DeSiato

  5. Patsy whittington wolf says:

    Aint u somethin somethin

  6. Patrick Hughes says:

    J.D. Expect you to become a BIG Cardinal fan while you are there and will hold you personally responsible if they do not win their division while you are there. As you can tell I am a native St. Louisan, do more than my share to keep the Budweiser inventory down and I’m a friend and co-board member with your mom at The Haven for Chuldren. Enjoy a career start most just dream of.

  7. Jack Rabun says:

    J.D. Be sure to get to Stan Musials restaurant. He was the man for the Cardinals back in my day. I met him once in Miami when the Orioles trained there. He was in the stands next to next to my brother and me.

  8. Jeff Hannapel says:

    J.D. — As a life-long dedicated investor in your products, I wanted to pass on my congratulations on your new position. Great job on the blog and thanks for beering me all that good information. Enjoy St. Louis, it is a great town!

    Jeff Hannapel
    ND 1980 Whittington Fan Club

  9. marty birkel says:

    JD- Congrats on your new job at AB Inbev.
    No doubt that they will putting you through the paces during your training stint.
    Take it from a Beverage Alcohol veteran- you are receiving and being exposed to some of the best & brightest within our industry. Enjoy your time in St Loius & Denver.

    Marty Birkel ( classmate of your dad’s)

  10. Matt Whit says:

    I demand a second post. Let’s GO

  11. PJ says:

    To quote someone I know, “no comment”.

  12. Marty Curran says:

    JD, you’re in a job where sampling the product is encouraged. Keep up the blogging, we’re waiting for the “S**t My Dad Says” version of the Whittington’s… Congrats on the new job and the side job!

    Marty Curran
    Member of the now disgraced Bones/Jimbo/Jimmy/Bubbie/Sully Sullivan Fan Club

  13. MSW says:

    Good stuff. InBev’s (GMTP) sounds like an NFL training camp. A life altering experience. The NFL and AB the best of the best.
    Keep it coming JD.

  14. A. D. Whittington, Jr. says:

    Best wishes to you at this stage of your career.
    I’m just back from my trip to Norway
    where we visited the Mack Brewery (est. 1877)
    in Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle,
    and sampled their 6.5% brew in Tromso’s oldest pub.

  15. Victoria Wilmarth says:

    Hi J.D.
    I worked next to the plant in Williamsburg, VA and did my fair share of consuming Budweiser while there. This opportunity is one to cherish and your documentation of it will come in handy in your future. Wishing you the very best in all facets of the process! I am a co-board member with your mom for The Haven for Children, and a neighbor in Windover.

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  17. Clark Turner says:

    In addition to training for AB, your peripatetic experience will be useful when you retire and live like your Uncle Dave does.

    Congratulations. See you in the HBB 🙂

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