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I have always had difficulty when participating in group activities in which participants are asked to come up with an alliterative attributed adjective (wow irony) to pair with one’s name. My issue, my name starts with a “J”. Had my … Continue reading

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Zythologic Imagery

I’ve been far too occupied at work to construct a worthwhile blog post, but have been accumulating pictures, so figured I’d share some of those and get around to writing about them later. My next post will be explaining the … Continue reading

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Hot dogs, Ice Cold Beers (literally), Beer Goggles (literally) and Caterpillars (JalepeƱos)

(Note: to subscribe to blog, scroll all the way down, check box that says “Notify me of site updates” then leave a comment, preferably a clever and/or witty one) When we first heard that we would be working at Busch … Continue reading

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The Scoville Scale, adjusted for voice volume As midweek exhaustion hit the North American Trainees and delusion has clouded our collective judgement, a Canadian colleague decided Q-doba had decided to be creative with its salsa heat ratings. He stated “the ‘scream’ sauce must be really hot”. … Continue reading

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The 8th-12th days of the rest of my life were pretty nuts

When I first got to St. Louis two weeks ago, my father told me that it was the “first day of the rest of (my) life” which I found upon further conversation with another esteemed trainee that this is popular … Continue reading

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Premateure-Yeast Flocculation, and other Learnings and Feedbacks

Apologies for the delay in getting this second post up. I’ve had multiple requests for updates, and as much as I would love to construct a new blog post every day chronicling my activities, I was busy actually working this … Continue reading

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