Zythologic Imagery

I’ve been far too occupied at work to construct a worthwhile blog post, but have been accumulating pictures, so figured I’d share some of those and get around to writing about them later. My next post will be explaining the phenomenon of zythology (details and definition to come) a fledgling idea on the precipice of Gladwell’s proposed “tipping point”. For anyone who even marginally enjoys beer, this will turn your world upside down. Peruse eye candy pertaining to my zythological journey these past few weeks in the meantime:

Beer pairing dinner during Global Induction Week, presented by George Reisch, a 3rd generation brewer and enthusiast

Beer pairing dinner at Sage restaurant where the head chef prepared some of his specialties, most of which using an AB beer as an ingredient in the dish

Beer Pairing Dinner Menu, hanger steak was incredible with Budweiser American Ale

Style Presentations, beers from around the world

Beer Tasting- All Styles, from American light wheat to Lambic

Beer Tasting- ABI Brands, Boddington's wins the competition for best beer mustache

A selection of brands/styles tasted

The goods, all the ingredients used to brew beer, barley malt, hops, corn, wheat, rice, beechwood (Budweiser lagering)

Stella Artois pouring ritual training, incredible stuff

After a beer tasting panel where we ranked specific experiential attributes of different beers, in deep contemplation about the taste profile of the freshest Budweiser ever (bottled just minutes before tasting

No better way to end to a day of work than having to take a breathalyzer

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6 Responses to Zythologic Imagery

  1. Colleen says:

    Pretty sure I’m a bigger zythologist than most of those people you’re with, in fact, I’m practicing zythology right meow. BAM! However, I prefer viticulture. My B.

  2. A. D. Whittington says:

    I too immersed myself in zithology when I was young
    until my acne cleared up. Gladwell should be taken
    with a grain of alchohol.

    photo 1: so you were then inducted to the third Reisch?

    photo 2: you proved that blondes do have more fun.

    photo 5: you are beginning to look like Brady Quinn.

    photo 6: you are beginning to look like Nate Montana.

    photo 7: once you try negra modela you won’t go back.

    photo 9: could you experiment with laughing gas in the tanks?

    photo 10: do you feel like your classmate El Donaldo after firing all his staff?

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  4. CR Sutton says:

    I second the Negra Modelo comment. My personal favorite.

    But I cannot make a claim to be a zythologist, due to the fact that I do enjoy a Bud Select 55 mixed with a diet 7 up on a hot day.

    My friend from Texas A&M would vote for the Shiner.

    However, you haven’t lived until you travel to the Andechs monastery outside Munich and enjoyed a beer in the garden.

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