I have always had difficulty when participating in group activities in which participants are asked to come up with an alliterative attributed adjective (wow irony) to pair with one’s name. My issue, my name starts with a “J”. Had my parents only known what a struggle this would amount to for me. Regardless, I am pegged a “J” and my options are limited. I can fake being “joyful” or “jubilant”, resent being “jaded” or “juvenile”, or cop out and use a verb, and no one wants to be that guy.

So during a recent exercise in which the 21 other North American trainees and myself participated in to assess our personalities, and we were charged with this all too familiar exercise as part of an ice-breaker, pure inspiration struck me. As if Leo DiCaprio and Joseph Godon-Levitt battled their way through multiple dream levels ruthlessly killing my self conscious’ self defense in order to directly plant the seed into my unaware consciousness, I had it, “Jawesome”.

Ok, it’s not that great but I figured I’d at least beer those poor James, John and Joes another option when playing this heinously biased game (and yet another fabricated word to use at will (if confused, refer to post #1)).

That being said, did that top fall over or what? Feel free to explain any theories via comment below, but I digress…

I did say I’d write at length about the new love of my life… Zythology. I will attempt to shed some knowledge on this topic via a smattering of interesting facts, with supporting evidence, so pay attention.

1. Beer is better with food. Fact. Boom. Roasted.

And beer-food pairings go above the obvious Natty and Pizza.

Evidenced by the frequent beer pairing dinners we have enjoyed over the past few weeks, it’s absurd how much properly drinking beer while eating food can contribute to the taste of both of my two favorite things in the world. Everyone should know the proper protocol for eating with beer. Smell-Sip-Bite-Sip. Every time. Trust me, it works. Check out my last post for some possible menu selections.

So instead of wine at your next make dinner for your girlfriend date… think spinach, Gorgonzola, candied walnut, apple salad, blueberry vinaigrette dressing, and Wild Blue Lager. Trust me.

You can even cook with beer to help infuse the flavor. Next time you’re making pasta, boil it in Budweiser, no joke.

2. Speaking of Budweiser… The Great American Lager deserves more credit.

After talking with George Reisch, whose father made a life out of brewing beer, along with his father’s father, and his father’s father’s father, it’s clear he knows quite a bit about the stuff. Fact is, Budweiser is the hardest beer in the world to brew. It uses fresh, expensive ingredients, the same ones used since the beginning (Water, Barley, Yeast, Rice, Beechwood Chips) and actually uses the same exact yeast strain as the first brewed Budweiser.

The consistency is unmatched, with taste panels of experts evaluating Budweisers brewed at all of our breweries around the country every week and evaluating different qualities of taste, aroma, appearance, and mouth-feel. (So maybe these people have the actual “dream job”)

It’s delicious, it’s a classic, it’s the best beer in the world, and it’s neglected. If you don’t believe me, I will buy you a Budweiser next time I see you. No joke, come up to me at any point where this fine beer is available, I will buy us a round of Buds, and drink them with you. If you still don’t appreciate it, by all means, go grab a Bud Light.

3. Beer is a complex and beautiful creature. Treat her with care.

Beer was actually one of the very first human produced food products on earth. Most beers have more complex taste profiles than wines, with so many factors and ingredients contributing to the minutia that hits your palette with every sip. The bubbles in beer are actually the finest bubbles of any beverage (smaller and more precise than champagne). Pouring rituals are not only rich and historic, but actually help add to the taste of beer.

There’s more to share, but back to work for now. Currently, all the trainees are working on “Innovation Projects” in which we are presenting a new and innovative idea to members of upper management at AB tomorrow. Topics range from Interactive Product, Innovative Packaging, Social Media (ours), and others as well. These ideas began in the development stage on our first Wednesday in the program when we attended a workshop, written about in my first post. So wish me luck as I talk social media, twitter, facebook, foursquare, yelp, and beer with some executives tomorrow.

This is also our last week in St. Louis. As I said before, I’ll be moving to Colorado this weekend, and working at our Fort Collins Brewery (just outside Denver) for 9 weeks, before some more moving around. It’ll be a nice change of atmosphere, and maybe I’ll get to watch one of my least favorite college football players of all time take his last snaps at QB of his career with the Broncos during preseason!

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9 Responses to Jawesomeness

  1. Jack Rabun says:

    J.D. Poppa said you are preaching to the choir, he’s been drinking beer with his meals since the beginning of time!

  2. PJ says:

    It was all good until you brought up BQ 😦
    8 more days!!

  3. A. D. Whittington says:

    Jawesomeness does run in the family.
    Hope Kate is not getting jealous of your love affair with da brew.

  4. sierracook says:

    Love your writing!

  5. V. Wilmarth says:

    Now I need to go find some Wild Blue! Who knew? I do like the idea of dinner being fixed for me though. Oh yeah…….. those were the dating days… Tee Hee!

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