Vail, Vegas, denVer, The Three V’s…

Since my dear friend ABuc so graciously called me out in his most recent post, promising that I would deliver an explanation for the events that have occurred over the past few weeks of radio silence from the blog-o-sphere, I have decided to placate his request, begrudgingly. In truth, I have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms without an outburst of incessant ramblings in recent memory. So in order to satisfy both my urges, Andrew’s appeal, and my most loyal adherent Riley’s repeated requests for a post, I construct this installment centering around three semi-recent events and maybe an aside or two thrown in.

Event 1- Santa Pub Crawl- Denver, CO

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, and the annual Budweiser Santa Pub Crawl took a stranglehold of the streets of downtown Denver. My roommate and I decided to attend, dressed in full garb of course, and witness the spectacle that lived up to expectations. Thousands of Santas and other Christmas themed characters lined the streets, packed the pubs, and donated a mountain of toys to local children in need.

Mounting toy collection at the first stop on the Santa Pub Crawl amidst a sea of St. Nicks

The "crawlers" begin to inundate unsuspecting pub patrons in holiday cheer and general rabblerousing

This unassuming "Just for Men Gel" Santa asked his identity be protected. Picture taken immediately after being asked "who has two thumbs and likes Budwesier?" (Answer "this guy")

Whoever said Santa like cookies and milk was dead wrong

Event 2- Vail Snow Daze- Vail, CO

A few weeks back I also had the opportunity to travel to Vail for their annual Snow Daze sponsored by who of course, Bud Light. This consists of a week of free concerts outside in Vail Village, featuring Dwight Yoakam, Mix Master Mike, OAR, and Weezer. After a few days of hitting the slopes I had the privilege of attending the Weezer concert on Sunday night, which brought back memories of Guitar Hero and middle school, and made for a bit of an unusual show.

Getting a bit of skiing in at Vail before the concert

Weezer on stage... for "Weezer off stage"... see below

Weezer front-man Rivers Cuomo decides to crawl through the crowd, hop up on top of the Port-o-John and beer some snowballs at crowd-members whilst serenading them with the timeless anthem “Beverly Hills”

After leading curious concert-goers and spotlight-operators on something of a wild goose chase, Rivers settles on the side of the video/sound booth scaffolding to conduct his rendition of the classic “Pork and Beans”

Event 3- Band of Buds 2010- Las Vegas, NV

On advice from my friend and STL roommate Andrew himself, three young GMTs (including Dharma) set out on a journey to the fabled land of Las Vegas (Spanish for “The Vegases”) to see what their fortunes had in store for them at the grand finale of the Budweiser “Band of Buds” competition. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, in which we three young men witnessed groups of friends from around the country, battle for their right to represent the bro-iest group of bros in all the land (as well as a huge chunk of cash with a Rolling Stone Magazine spread). After a scavenger hunt around a few iconic spots in sin city, a “newlyweds” style game show, and cheers-ing some Bud’s in-between, the Inglorious Budsters reigned supreme, and the three GMTs returned to reality with a great appreciation for the coordination involved in pulling off an event of such magnitude, all in the name of our flagship iconic brand.

One stop on the aforementioned “scavenger hunt” in which teams were required to execute tricks with the highly skilled dolphins

Another stop on the hunt, at which my "checking in" on multiple social media platforms sparked curiosity among my family and friends

The finish line was the "Rainman Suite" at Caesar's Palace, which curiously left us all with the inlcination to try our hand at blackjack soon after

The winning "Band" along with some of the celebrity judges

The surprise of the night, the concert following the announcement of the victorious team. The Dan Band (of “Old School” and “The Hangover” fame) graced us with their presence, adroit dance moves, and angelic voices. Here were some of the crowd favorites:

Three anonymous GMTs and one gracious host try their hand at rocking the Rolling Stone's cover

So after a few months of learning the sales side of ABI, with a dash of fun mixed in, I conclude my time in Denver, bid adieu to the Rockies, and head back to St. Louis for a month of rotations at American corporate headquarters and a rendezvous with our neighboring GMTs from America’s hat. It’s been real; it’s been fun…

What happens in Vegas, gets posted on greatamericanblager,


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3 Responses to Vail, Vegas, denVer, The Three V’s…

  1. kate says:

    Spanish for the vegases. Um, dying. Thanks

  2. a d whit jr says:

    I’ve missed your blogs. It’s been a while. I thought it was
    just another viagra ad when I first saw your blog title.

  3. PJ says:

    Striking the Heisman pose, with a Budweiser, love it.

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