Aries to Pisces, Without a Flux Capacitor

I’ve always found myself mildly intrigued with the concept of “the future”. Predicting it, forecasting it, traveling to it; many times for the end result of betting on it (who did you have in the big game by the way? Budwesier sponsors the Steelers (I usually base all wagers on my conditional employment with that company) so I unfortunately went with Big Ben (minus his wing men)). But really, the thought of hypothetical instances yet to take place, some of which inevitable, some improbable, yet others absolute; and the infinite factors which create these distinctions has tugged at my proverbial mind-strings for as long into the anti-future as I can remember. Usually, this theme may not prove blogworthy, however one overarching situation and two specific occurrences have ironically coincided to focus my thoughts in specifically in this temporal direction as of late…

The Overarching Situation
To preface, my past four weeks have been spent in St. Louis rotating through the different support functions housed here at the North American ABI Headquarters, including anything from Legal to Logistics and anything in between. The first few days (as well as quite a few days before them) have also been spent eagerly awaiting our project assignments which begin this February and last for the next four months. Where we would be, and what we would be doing has been quite figuratively up in the air. Naturally, this situation created an overall curiosity for all things future related, and in all likelihood encouraged association of some completely unrelated coincidences… cue segue…

Occurrence One
In one particular presentation form Zone Brewery Support (the department our 12 regional breweries reach out to if they need a bit of, well… support), our presenter was describing measurements of power our different breweries utilize, and upon mention of the word “megawatt” my mind naturally wandered to “gigawatt” and obviously related this to the famous movie quote “1.21 gigawatts? 1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!” from the great Doctor Emmett Brown.

Ironic? No, probably not, but the mind thinkseth with the mind wantseth to thinkseth about.

Occurrence Two

The most shocking news in recent memory was released earlier last month, in which top astrological scholars have decreed I’ve been living a lie for my first two and half decades of life in assuming I am an Aries. Turns out, I am, in “fact”, a Pisces. So in one fell swoop, I have gone from “adventurous, energetic, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic and quick-witted” to “sensitive, compassionate, escapist, weak-willed and easily led” and frankly, I feel cheated.

I hereby refuse to accept my new fishy categorization as a matter of principle, and allow for anyone to arbitrarily pick whichever sign of the Zodiac suits their mood at that particular moment, then use that as a guiding light for monumental life decisions at their own discretion, particularly regarding relationships and gambling with retirement funds. Overall, this change has shattered years of built equity and unquestioning trust I have thrust at my daily horoscope, and thus disabled my ability to predict future occurrences based on the movement of extraterrestrial masses, and relate to the 1/12 of the human population who invariably share all the same personality traits as myself based solely on the relative position of the earth at the time of our birth. What the heck is an Ophiucus anyways? Regardless, another inarguable association with the future-state, which further developed my curiosity.

And finally the conclusion. After much anticipation, I have been stationed back in St. Louis for my four month project assignment, working both with the Region 5 (Missouri and some surrounding states) field sales office, along with the Digital Strategy and Marketing departments, on some top secret (not so much) work revolving around our strategy in the digital media space. I’m quite excited for an opportunity to foster my passion for all things internet/social media related, and get some quality blogging action in as well. More details regarding my project to follow in my next arbitrarily timed post. Until then…

Flux capacitor… fluxxing,


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One Response to Aries to Pisces, Without a Flux Capacitor

  1. A.D. Whttington, Jr. says:

    That’s OK I’ll be the Pisces and you stay Aries.
    Is Stella Artois one of the girls hanging on Big?
    And don’t you be listening to no Lords of Acid.
    Look what it did to Dr. Brown.

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