Klouty With a Chance of Tweet-balls (@JDWhittington)

Disclaimer: I will be inserting multiple links and [explanations in brackets] throughout this post, in an effort to provide explanation for concepts which if gone undefined could prove to establish an irreversible air of ageism in said post, only to effectively halve my daily hits (represented by all my parents/aunts/uncles high-school/college friends/frenemies who frequent this blog). Ignore said links and explanations if you are under the age of 35, or know what Foursquare is.

Since the commencement of my four-month project a mere week ago, I’ve been both enraptured with and inundated in the worlds of digital strategy, social media, and mobile platforms. I spend the majority of my non-working time, and a bit of my working time, staying up to date with articles and trends. For someone who fancied himself well versed in such topics previously, I’ve admittedly come a long way since day one. I no longer feel the need to go to websites (really, kind of). If they don’t have an app, most likely, it’s off, or soon to be off my radar. Pretty soon, if useful data isn’t directly beamed into my brain via molecular altering waves, I simply won’t be inconvenienced with gathering it myself.

Is it odd that I follow [subscribe to] Mashable’s Social Media Twitter feed? Or that I get all of my Mashable Mobile news from my Mashable iPhone app? These are simply a few ironic examples, but they represent something that is trending in the real world. Smart phones to outnumber laptops by 2013? Believe it; if not earlier. And just a couple years ago mobile phones passed landlines in volume. IP addresses [your computer’s “internet name”] need to be reformatted to allow for more alpha-numeric possibilities because of the proliferation of web-accessing devices (phones)? Nuts.

But I digress… Through my research (and gentle encouragement of a colleague) I’ve decided it is necessary to join the land of Twitter. Only months ago, I was in the tribe that thought innovations in the Facebook newsfeed, and Google’s development of similar capabilities, would ultimately lead to the squelching of the little blue bird. Alas, it has not uttered its last tweet, and it doesn’t seem like the end is in sight. More people are now integrating these different capabilities instead of choosing one or the other, and people continue to jump @ the chance to integrate it into their business, and personal lives.

If this isn’t enough, there exist multiple measures of a persons social network influence, calculated by engagement in their Facebooking and Twittering activities (Klout being one of the premiere services). Naturally, I thought it might prove and interesting experiment to investigate my own. Having little to no activity thus far on 1/2 judged platforms, my score is less than impressive (20), but could definitely be worse. To give some perspective:

Barack Obama = 88
Ozzy Osbourne = 71
Justin Bieber = 100 (maxed out? really?)
Tiger Woods = 79
Snooki = 44
Snooki’s (hair) Poof = 49

Yes Snooki’s Poof [infamous reality TV star’s rat-nest-esque hair] has more Klout than Snooki [infamous reality TV star]. I would tend to agree

But maybe, one day, with your help, I can have more Klout than Snooki and or her Poof. If you are currently on Twitter, give me a follow (@JDWhittington), and if you’re not (and you’re probably not judging on the frequency of my blog posts being tweeted), you should consider signing up. It’s not going anywhere, and some of the information is actually valuable, or at least entertaining.

The Kolossus of Klout,


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5 Responses to Klouty With a Chance of Tweet-balls (@JDWhittington)

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  2. Jack Rabun says:

    We, unfortunately, are not linked to foresquare but we still require your address if we intend to send snail mail to you at any time!

  3. a.d. whittington, jr. says:

    Foursquare is sixteen, right.
    Careful to not become a Knavish Kolossus of Klout, at least not initially.
    Stella Artois is available at my neighborhood Publix.
    What pick-up line do you suggest I use on her?

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