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Blogalysis of Tiger Blood (#TigerBlood)

Confused? You’re not alone, but I’ll shed some light on that which I can. Continuing with past habits of making up words “Blogalysis” can be described as analysis of a topic via blog, which will undoubtedly be composed of mainly … Continue reading

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Klouty With a Chance of Tweet-balls (@JDWhittington)

Disclaimer: I will be inserting multiple links and [explanations in brackets] throughout this post, in an effort to provide explanation for concepts which if gone undefined could prove to establish an irreversible air of ageism in said post, only to … Continue reading

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Vail, Vegas, denVer, The Three V’s…

Since my dear friend ABuc so graciously called me out in his most recent post, promising that I would deliver an explanation for the events that have occurred over the past few weeks of radio silence from the blog-o-sphere, I … Continue reading

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